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Which BMW ICOM Next Clone is the Best?

8. 10. 2021 v 15.26

Main benefits of an ICOM from our perspective: 1. Wireless diagnosis connection 2. Ease of use in a shop with multiple active connections 3. Self-hosted DHCP server for ethernet programming There are several ICOM Next clone multiplexers available in, which one of them is the best? SP269 Out of production SP269-1 ICOM Next from […]

Recensioni! Differenza tra vaso 6154 e vaso 5054a

24. 9. 2021 v 09.08

Qual è la differenza tra vas 6154 e vas 5054a? Leggi questo articolo @ Alessiapia14 recensione: Il 5054a Bluetooth e l’altra memoria wifi. @ Massima recensione: Credo che il 6154 sia realizzato anche per la versione tecnica e non sia compatibile per l’esecuzione della diagnostica del sedile. È necessario utilizzare la versione 5054 con la […]

OBDSTAR Update Announcement of July 31th 2018

16. 9. 2021 v 09.38

OBDSTAR company announced a update on July 31th 2018.The update announcement cover:OBDSTAR DP PAD,DP Plus,P001 programmer IMMO Toyota/Lexus Optimize type 8 support car list Isuzu Increased D-MAX/MU-X remote programming Holden Increased pincode reading function Increased Barina C IMMO system Increased Barina MJ IMMO system Increased Barina Spark IMMO system Increased Barina TK IMMO system Increased […]


3. 9. 2021 v 13.41

Obdstar odometer correction tools can help you greatly in mileage correction.This aryicle is compare their difference and similarities. OBDSTAR ODO Master highlights:     tablet design:data graphing can be more visible     wider and newer vehicle coverage:more chances to repair diverse vehilces     online one-click update:save money and energy to keep updated     user-friendly on-screen instruction […]

OBDStar X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro4 software Delete Method

26. 8. 2021 v 14.27

Dear Obdstar X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro 4 users, when you don’t need a single software or multiple software, you are allowed to uninstall /delete the software, This is the same as when we delete the software on an Android phone. The method to delete a single software. 1.Go to thecorresponding car series software […]

Audi A3 2014 NEC35XX Mileage Correction with Super DSP-III via OBD

17. 8. 2021 v 14.23

How to: change Audi A3 2014 NEC35XX VDO odometer using Super DSPIII+ OBD Tool full over OBD. Mileage before correction: 9997 mi (miles) Connect Mileage Correction Tool DSP3 with vehicle via OBD socket using OBD adapter Select Odometer function->Audi brand->Audi A3-> A3 2014 NEC35XX VDO Connect the OBD adapter to the car Press Start button […]

How to import Porsche PPN License for PIWIS Tester 3

9. 8. 2021 v 15.33

This short instruction will show you guide on How to import Porsche PPN License for PIWIS 3 Tester 3 If you are interested in Porsche cases, welcome to click this Porsche Trouble Repair.

Porsche Macan Hidden Functions are Activated with PIWIS

3. 8. 2021 v 17.46

Porsche Macan Hidden Functions are Activated with PIWIS Lots of small optional PCM features can be activated with Piwis III. Obviously, these features must be installed by the factory – you can use PIWIS to see what installed but not activated. Here is a short list of such options: – navigation – logbook – voice […]

How to set up Mitchell OnDemand5 v5.8.2 on Win XP

22. 7. 2021 v 04.07

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to install Mitchell OnDemand5 v5.8.2 2013 repair software on Windows XP system. Highlight of using Mitchell OnDemand5: Mitchell uses the latest in compression technology, giving you all the data available to spare less time to fix the vehicles in your shop on fewer CDs or, better yet, a […]

Case IH & New Holland Tractor Agriculture Operator Manuals 2019 Full DVD

15. 7. 2021 v 20.28

Case IH & New Holland Tractor Agriculture Operator Manuals 2019 Full DVD High speed link download After download send to email to get pass “ ” COMBO INCLUDING 2 Packaging DVD: 1/ Case IH Tractor Agriculture All Model Operator Manuals Full DVD Size: 30.98 GBGb Language: English Brand: Case IH Type of machine: Case IH […]

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